Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elder Perez Location April 23,2014: In the mission field!

From: Secretario Misión Chile Viña del Mar
Date: April 23, 2014 at 8:17:09 AM PDT
Subject: Elder Perez
Dear Perez Family,

Your son arrived safely and is now with us in the mission field, we are grateful to have him here.
Here is a picture of him.

Elder T
Secretario Ejecutivo
Misión Chile Viña del Mar

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Santiago, Chile. Elder Perez, Vina Del Mar Mission April 2014

"I'm the Zone Leader!!!!!"

Email Received: April 15,2014

I have some awesome things to tell u well first I have my MTC companion and his 
name is Elder P I wish I could put pictures but I forgot my cord in my room 
and only have 30 mins too type because we have to eat and go to the temple that's 
in front of the MTC, it's a three day walk lol naw just 1 min, but Elder P 
has to take out his endowments and I'm going to be his escort. Well the first day I had 
major major jet lag two elders in my district said that we weren't going to have 
class that day but we did. I was able to memorize the objective for us 
missionaries and the first vision but when it came to D and C 4 I couldn't I got 
mad and frustrated and i just want to give up and quit but i calmed myself down 
and humbled myself said a prayer, apologized to God that I wanted to just go home 
because I really want to be here but anyways I'm still working on it. Best thing 
that has happened here is..... I'M THE ZONE LEADER!!!!! When President D ask 
me and Elder P to be the zone leaders I was shocked. I was like wow. I was 
speechless but I knew that when he said that we were the Elders for the job 
that the lord is giving this opportunity to learn or get a great experience from 
it. Also two days ago during my personal studies I was studying repentance 
because this Sunday being a zone leader in charge and responsible for 48 
missionaries I have to give them a lesson. I was taken over by the spirit and I 
started. I don't know what, but I made a parable, I would like to type it but only 
got ten more mins, but I bore it to my district (we are district 2) they were 
stunned and speechless same with two other Elders that sleep in my room and haha 
one of the teachers said I'm a be like a "70" or an Apostle something like that... 
People here in Chile speak way to fast. But over all my Spanish has improved 
alot I'm able to bear my testimony and know more gospel doctrine. Well time to go 
and eat and prepare myself and my companion to go to the temple! Love u daddy 

ps: Tuesdays are my personal days

He made it safe and sound! :)

 Email Received: April 9,2014
Subject: DADDY!!!!!! Its Jr.!!!!!
Hi daddy send this to mommy and to everyone else.  Well yesterday was
a long long day but was pretty awesome when I got to Georgia I ran into
9 other elders and one of them was and is with me at the MTC and has
the same calling as me! Elder L is an awesome missionary. me and
him are only staying here at the MTC for 2 weeks! Well times out and I
have to go love all you guys and I'll send pictures later. Bye time to
go hopefully we can email tomorrow. I'm safe and well and ready to

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Sent out misison paperwork.
Recieved mission call letter.
Temple Endowment.
Fareawell Talk Erringer Ward
Fareawell Talk Simi 3rd Ward
Set apart as Elder Perez Arleta Ward
Departing Flight LAX to Santiago, Chile
Arrived at Chile MTC