Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Email sent: June 2, 2014.

This week went by fast come to think of it. This month went by so fast. Two weeks in the CCM (MTC) in Santiago, Chile and now on week 7 in the mission. This Wednesday will be my first cambio(change). Also this Wednesday I will find out if my companion will be staying or leaving.  He told me when he has the feeling he will stay he stays, but when he doesn't have that feeling he leaves. He has been 4 months in our area. 

The thing that is worrying me if I move is the lunches, we eat everyday menos(minus) Lunes(Mondays).  Where I live now I only know about 10 families names and where they live.  Good thing I worked at Freebirds, I know how to cook so we wont starve if I get a new companiero(companion). 

There wasn't anything interesting that happened this week, oh scratch that,  guess who solved a Rubics Cube in 3:35? This missionary haha! Me! That is the most fastest time I got in my whole life.  But my lĂ­der de distrito (district leader), his fastest time is 40 seconds flat. Genial!!! (awesome) 
                       Easter Egg Hunt at CCM (MTC)- Photos by Mission President Sherman & Linda Doll
   "When the missionaries come back to their rooms at 10:00p each night they're pretty worn out from a long day of study and training.  We let them unwind for about 30 minutes before heading off to bed.  We've had to ban wrestling and arm wrestling as unwinding activities.  Favorite allowed activities are puzzles, trading neckties, playing the piano, journal writing, mending clothing..." -President&Sister Doll                                   

Oh and I was able to ride a skateboard for the first time on my mission. I still got my stuff, all my tricks first try. GENIAL(AWESOME!!!!)

Love you all and I don't miss you all. Haha! Just Kidding! I think about you guys in my prayers, and every now and then, Haha! Naw Siempre (Always) 

- Love Elder Perez 

a.k.a. Elder Jaden Smith (they think i look like Will Smith´s son Jaden Smith so they call me that)

Buena Onda (Cool)