Monday, May 5, 2014


Email Received  05/05/2014
Hey everyone, Elder Perez here and boy what a week. So lets just say that I knew I was gana get sick. I asked my companion to give me a blessing for good health and it worked. U wana know how I know, because usually when I get sick I stay in bed for like two or three days and not do anything. But some how I was able to get up get ready and go walk up and down big hills and these hills are not speed bumps. For those who know where the Ronald Regan Library is, it's like walking up and down that hill about 50-80 times a day!

But let me start from the beginning. So we go to the bottom part of our area and our area is about 10 miles long so we go to the bottom sector and its called Vina Express. My area has no buses that we can use, or taxi, no bikes, just walking or running. So we help this man that is building his house and my pre-training with the Marines before this (going on a mission) helped this man and me out a lot, mainly this man. I carried two bags of small rocks (wet) up an incline that is just out of this world. And the bags weigh about 40-50 pounds each ORAHH!!!! My companion and this man were impressed! I told them, " I may look tiny in my suit  (a bit baggy clothes) but I'm strong.

So after that we go further down to give a blessing to 3 ill members (this is were I got the cold, all is well now) and then we looked at the time and we have to be at another meeting at the other end of our area. We ran 4-5 miles up hills and down. These hills are exactly like Ronald Regan Library hills, some just even better. We ended up being 10 mins late, but it turned out the dad of whom we were to ask permision if we can baptize his son, had left like an hour ago. So his wife told us sorry, to try Friday though. So yeah hahaha. Next, we had to run home, but thank goodness down hill twice, about 2 miles to get home before curfew. We were dripping sweat,  "Thank-you Carmen" for putting me in track and daddy for paying for it. Those years were not wasted. haha. So in the next two days that was when I was at the peak of my illness.  I don't know why, but I never get sick in the other seasons, just only in winter. And its as if all the viruses of all sickness are combined in one for being late and its just a week of suffering. Everyday I wanted to stay in bed but, I know why I'm out here. I got up and still do everyday knowing that there is someone out there ready to hear what I have to say or help (at all cost). Walking up and down hills every day putting my body thru hell, but u know what, I love it!

Because I know (and this is what kept me going) that I wanted to come down to this earth to be just like our Heavenly Father to feel and experience what he did or had. Sickness is what I wanted to have and feel, so i always thought. That was when I thought to myself: "I can't do this. I hate being sick ahhh i want to just die", but then those thoughts just went away and a smile came on (I'm not a happy person when I'm sick i get mad easily.)

But I was able to control my thoughts and my feelings. Trust me, years of practice. So me being sick for 6 days was actually a blessing. I saw God's hand in my life many times and my testimony of what he does and how the Spirit works and helps. Its just insane now. Thanks.

So we have two baptisms coming up. Our investigators that want to be baptized are just amazing, more for next week.

Pictures next week is not working with me!!!!!!!