Monday, May 26, 2014


Email received: May 26,2014

So the subject is practically what happened. I'll first start out that I have my first baptizm YEAH!!!!! We baptized Jesus and comfirmed Jesus un miembro de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de los Ultimos Días. Yeah pretty awesome first baptism was Jesus.

Well where to we have an investigator that is going through a hard time making the choices of being baptized because he doesn't want to live a certain mandamiento(commandment). I honestly told him everything that was going to happen and saw what was going to happen if he choose the wrong path. Yet he still choose the wrong manera(path) even though he heard all that the Lord was going to promise or do. The Lord doesn't lie and all that I said and saw that was going to happen, came to pass, my heart aches for him.

One night I had a dream/vision of someone, I don't know who, but he was telling me that; all that I need to know to help my life and the lives of other was going to be in the chapter of the Book of Mormon that I was going to read in the morning. I asked him if it was a principle of baptism or something that was going to help our investigators, and  I asked him to tell me.  He just said the same thing; that I was going to learn and find out what I must do in the chapter of the Book of Mormon, that I was going to read in the morning.  Then I woke up.

So me just hearing what I needed to do, I got ready just pondering on those thoughts just waiting and really eagered to read the chapter. I finished getting ready and I was going to eat breakfast, but I heard the voice saying, "no go read" so I went and read. I learned so much and saw what I needed to do. I saw what are the two paths that will happen with all of the people that I speak to. Insane just speechless.

So this week during my personal studies the lord kept revealing what I must preach, what the members in my ward need to hear, and more and I cant explain (what it feels like hearing and seeing what is to be done-its insane)

Now this what you are about to hear is mind blowing. I hope the Lord will help you understand what happened. So on Sunday, yesterday, we went to a member/inactive member´s house. The father who is inactive is the father of Jesus.  He told us the reason why he doesn't go to church and how he can only feel the spirit with missionaries. He told us that we are the ¨perfect¨example of how members should be, that he looks at us and always see Christ because that is what we are representatives of: Jesus Christ.
Then I heard a voice that said to me: "tell him my life story and how you are here" I told him my life story, my experience of when I went to my first cita ever with missionaries. What the Lord blessed me with and amazing revelation of what I need to do.
I know he felt the spirit, but he was about to say an excuse to not go to church, and then I cut him off because I heard a voice, a voice that made me scared when i spoke, but yet felt so much love, and it was the Lord. I know it was because the word that left my mouth were of no one else but the Lord. And this is why: a scripture that he told a random member that is visiting my ward.........when I got home.....I heard that same voice read the scripture that i gave you. Never had I been so scared but yet thankful and loved in my whole entire life.

Read Alma 26:22,21,20,19,18,17,16. Exactly like that and read it.  Just put like my name in the spots so like it would read that because "Elder Perez repented and is..."  like that. I just have to say the Lord has revealed so much to me, I cant explain. Like the lord work in mysterious ways and glorious ways.

The Book of Mormon: Alma 26 (click here)

Read the Book of Mormon. The Lord has much to reveal to you.

I say these thing in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Perez