Friday, May 2, 2014

"WOW! I'm on the Mission Field!"

Email received by Elder Perez on April 28, 2014.

HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!! WOW I'm on the mission field! Sorry for my incorrect spelling but its even harder now, I want to write in Spanish. When I write in Spanish I want to write in English. 
WOW,my Spanish has improved a lot. I know how to bear my testimony,give lessons in Spanish and all in just over like 3 months. I should be fluent in my Spanish. 

So last week on Tuesday was my first day in the field.  My Mission President dropped us off (my temporary companion Elder L and me) on the other side of town and we had to walk all the way to the mission home, and that took about 2hrs. But it was so we can start preaching the gospel. We got 7 contacts and gave out 2 Book of Mormons to 2 of the 7.  Wednesday I got my companion, my teacher, a.k.a father of my mission, his name is Elder M, he is from Peru.

You guys won't believe this I only eat two meals a day!!!! haha So I'm glad that I never ate breakfast hahaha. But here is the part that sucks: we don't eat dinner!!! Ahh,but it was an easy switcheroo.  

Now check this out:after I got assigned to my companion we had to walk to our apartment and we had to take my three luggage (two of them weigh about 48-50lbs and my 20lbs bag) on foot and on the bus.  To my mother;this is the part u are gana want to skip hahaha.  We are waiting to get on a bus, but they are all full, I mean its a bus of sardines! So there finally came a bus, but it only had room in the back, so that is the way we had to get on the bus.  So I get on the back first,because my companion said to get up so he can pass me my other big luggage and my little luggage, Mommy prepare yourself if u are reading!!!! The bus driver starts to drive off... and here in Chile they put the peddle to the metal. 
I see my companion trying to figure out how to pick up my heavy bag, and when I hear and he hears the bus going, I quickly look at him and the look on his face is worriedness.  The rule on the mission is to always be with your companion at ALL TIMES (minus bathroom). So the bus takes off and its gaining speed, and the back of the door is still open, so the first thing that came to my mind is JUMP. So I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the moving bus, so this way I can be with my companion (lets just say I have a broken leg and arm... just kidding!just kidding!) I jumped and landed, BUT,my bag got CAUGHT,  SO, I was running along side with the bus, until it finally came loose! haha!   My companion asks:what the heck I was doing? And I said, "the bus was leaving and u weren't on, IDK where Imma go and we need to stay together at all times your my companion." He looks at me and says, "Elder, all you had to say was 'WAIT' to the driver..."   Haha- I didn't know, but I still would never know if he would have stop.  
So hey: "obey all the rules" my manual says. ("No matter the cost." this part is my addition.)

I gave a lady on the bus a Book of Mormon and preached to her a bit about it and got her info, then I got off the bus.  When we get to the apartment, its already nighttime and dark. We enter, and my companion  said, "oh by the way he have no electricity."  I said,"Wait what??Wat do u mean we have no electricity?" Behold we had no electricity!  I had to study in the dark with one of his flash lights,  use the restroom with a flash light and even take a shower with a flash light.  Just basically everything with a flash light.  Sigh! 3 days it was like that, it was "romantic" haha that is what me and a member of the ward were saying those 3 days were like haha! 

So, I pretty much had the best awesomeweird start of my mission, HaHa! What do you guys think?